Kivuhub : winner of the DR Congo Best startup, incubator and Newcomer of  Southern Africa Startup Awards

The startups and startup supporters who will represent South Africa at the Southern Africa Startup Awards regional finals have been announced.

Southern Africa Startup Awards is part of Global Startup Awards, a global competition to recognise the best talents of the global startup ecosystem. The overall process of the competition from national level up to the regional and global level consists of 4 different phases.

At this stage, the National Winners from various countries have been announced and here are DR Congo National Winners:

McKevin Ayaba, CEO of Southern Africa Startup Awards, made mention in an impassioned address to the guests, that the initiative focuses on creating an enabling platform to accelerate the growth of young leaders in the country and Africa, by recognising their achievements and creating local and international connections for them.

“In order to encourage more entrepreneurs, we as a continent must create an ecosystem of support for them. And one way we can all play a part in reviving and fostering Africa’s entrepreneurial engine is to recognize and celebrate our nation’s entrepreneurs”. Said McKevin.

These winners are leaders who are not just focused on personal wealth creation, but have dedicated time, energy and resources to making an impact on the lives of others in the various communities they are involved in. They were all invited to share their amazing startup journeys in the newly established Southern Africa Startup Magazine announced by COO, Flo Mosoane.

The winners will represent South Africa at the Regional Grand Finale of the Southern Africa Startup Awards scheduled for the 21st — 22nd of November 2018 in Johannesburg.

About SASAwards:

Southern Africa Startup Awards is a circuit of the world renowned Global Startup Awards, which provides an annual spotlight on web/tech startups in regions across the globe. Global Startup Awards It is one of the largest independent startup-ecosystem competitions, started in the Nordics in 2012, covering more than 45 countries in 7 regions.

Since 2012 in the Nordics, Global Startup Awards has grown to include South East Asia, Central Europe, SAARC Region (South Asia), and now East Asia, Baltics and Southern Africa which launched in 2018.



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