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Our story, Back in 2016 when I finished my studies in Nairobi, I found a lack of IT training among our countrymen and women who came from the DRC despite having finished their academic training and graduated. We had to share our experiences in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology as a way to enhance our daily life. we decided to come up with a technology Hub like our friends IHub in Kenya so that we can actively support the development of our country and the eastern region of DR Congo which was the epicenter of conflict for decades.so I called upon a meeting with various friends who had experiences in IT such as programming, networking, telecommunication, robotics, and skills in management. Kivuhub is mainly sustained by the co-founders who are providing the necessary financial and material resources. However, as we gain traction and help launch successful businesses into the eastern DRC market and the neighboring countries we have agreements that Kivu Hub as the enabling partner will have a 5% return on investment for a period of 5 years after tax.


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