Meet our Team

Meet our Team

We intend to hire competent and professional employees who understand the industry thoroughly and who are also attuned to our company’s vision and are committed to ensuring that we achieve our corporate goals and also reach an intended standard for our business whilst positively projecting and promoting the business to clients – existing or potential. Here is the list of our current management team;


  1. COO AND CO-FOUND: PRESENCE SANVURA is chief operating officer at Kivuhub, overseeing the firm’s business operations. He is a bachelor’s holder in Computer system From Universite catholique de Bukavu and data scientist.
  2. CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER MARIUS MATHONDO:  resident oversees staff functions, human resources, finance and strategy also owns the marketing strategy–and that often includes the sales strategy and oversees its implementation/partnership.
  3. CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER: JULIEN NTIBONERA is Chief Financial Officer of Kivuhub, where he leads the finance, facilities and information technology teams. He holds a B.S. in Computer science from Catholic university of eastern Africa (Kenya).
  4. CTO: FISTON AWENASI is chief technology officer at Kivuhub. In that role, he leads the development of the technology strategies and teams that will enable Kivuhub to connect with partners around the world. He holds a B.S. in Telecom from Hope Africa University (Burundi).
  5. CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER: RUPHIN BYAMUNGU: oversees IT (information technology security and privacy) business development plans, design and implementation of processes to support business growth security. Ruphin holds MSc Telecommunication Engineer and Information Systems from USIU (Kenya). His is a Dean of telecommunication department at Hope university (Bujumbura).
  1. Business Development Manager (vacant)
  2. Business Coach(Vacant)
  3. Manager(Vacant)


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