About GIT365 (girl in tech 365)  is an and off platform created by with the goal of empowering women entrepreneurs, local community and young girls and women in technology , information access and innovation. For our goal of 2022-2025 is to create a path towards equality, quality education, reducing inequality our projects to actively contribute to SDG 5 ( Gender equality will help women to have the right skills promote gender-based initiative  ) and SDG 4(Quality education which will allow women and girls to be competitive in market) in the DR.Congo a specially in the East .

Our project focus on building the capacity in the ICT ,access to information and entrepreneurship sector which will open more opportunity for women to be skills with new technology of information and communication for social and economic empowerment and community transformation as well self-employment. Access to information is a key factor in achieving our goal. 

We acknowledge that the process toward  gender equality and quality education is just started and it is long but our contribution to that cause will bring a new breath to those will join our program as well as impact their community in matters of information access, resources access, community development, creation, women right, and others aspect of the society


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