What is the Africa Takes on COVID-19 Challenge?
A 48-hour virtual hackathon with the goal to develop solutions that address the most pressing technical, social, and financial issues caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

What problem areas will this event be focused on?
1. Flattening the Curve: How to prevent disease transmission and protect vulnerable populations from effects of COVID-19?
2. Strengthening our Health Systems: How to strengthen the health systems and health facilities that may face staff, supplies, and resource shortages?

Dates: Friday, May 1 to Sunday, May 3. The time commitment for mentors will be focused in one or more 2-hour blocks of virtual mentoring on Saturday May 2nd and/or Sunday May 3rd.

Location: Virtual

Teams of 5-7 will be formed at the beginning of the event.

Collaboration will be facilitated via tools such as Zoom, Slack and Google Drive.


Apply to this link: MIT COVID19 CHALLENGE FOR AFRCA Mentor Application

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