Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals


This path will get you started in Networking. You’ll learn all the basics you need in order to pursue a career in Networking. This is a great starting point for learners who are interested in entry-level networking concepts and skills. This path is vendor-neutral and covers networking concepts and protocols, network infrastructure basics, networking management and operations, network security, and network troubleshooting and tools.

What you will learn

  • Using the OSI model to determine the order protocols interact with each other
  • Examining network configuration on your workstation and clearly understand the different components
  • Identifying the most important networking hardware and its purpose in the data network
  • The different types of 802.11 wireless networks and where they are used
  • Different cabling types and how fiber optics are categorized for data network use
  • Using the secure mechanism engineers employ to access network hardware
  • Reading network documentation
  • Utilizing appropriate tools to monitor the state of network devices
  • Maintaining a safe environment for networks
  • Using multifactor authentication to prevent unauthorized account access
  • Troubleshooting and tracking down network problems

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